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Using the Internet to Enhance Independence

Author: Nancy Allegrezza

if that works for me. I love having the multitude of choices and not being restricted by a stores location. Ultimately, it's really about convenience. Many of us are in the position where we have a load of responsibilities and very limited time. But how many of us have ever considered that online shopping may mean the difference between autonomy and dependence, especially as people age?

As I reflect on my family and the many patients I have had the privilege to care for over the years, I remember that many spoke of the fear and frustration of losing their independence. Giving up driving can become a significant barrier to maintaining independence. Often, aging may be accompanied by physical conditions that reduce the ability to safely leave home, with or without assistance, resulting in frustration and isolation. And inclement weather can contribute to our loved ones being more homebound and isolated during the winter months in colder regions.

But the ability to maintain as much independence and dignity as possible throughout our lives is essential. This capability can make the difference between a loved one staying engaged and becoming socially isolated or even depressed.

vi-eakins blogToday we have technologies that can help maintain some of this independence. The telephone and television allow for the ability to shop. Now online shopping via the computer expands these choices. Whether buying birthday or holiday gifts, shoes and clothing for personal use, medications, or groceries or pet supplies from the local store, the web helps people to maintain this independence from their home. Online banking is another opportunity to maintain independence.

Online shopping is not only a wonderful convenience for people but also a great tool to help maintain independence!

How many of you are enjoying the benefits of online shopping?

by Nancy Allegrezza, RN                             

About the author:

Nancy Allegrezza RN has 35 years of experience in direct patient care, nursing and patient education, and community and long-term care. The last 10 years of her work focused on senior care. She presently holds the position of Director of Marketing at Telikin.