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May Telikin Cares Recipents

Author: Nancy Allegrezza

Woodside Center of Dover Delaware, Division of Developmental Disability Services

woodside center web 2

Director Terri Anderson wrote:

"I was browsing the internet looking at touch screen computers for our day program when I ran across your website. Our program supports adults with developmental and physical disabilities

We are a 501(c) (3) agency and the large purchases we wish to make require fundraising due to serious budget cuts over the years. We have many individuals that truly did enjoy playing games on the computer. I believe that if we had an internet ready touch screen computer our individuals would have the ability to learn to access information that would help them stay on top of current issues both locally and nationally. It would provide them the opportunity to learn how to look for and access activities that they may want to participate in within their local communities. Learning computer skills would let them learn how to research the internet to look for new craft ideas, party ideas and learning opportunities. It is also possible that several of the individuals attending our center would be able to locate volunteer opportunities to promote community inclusion as well as improving their daily living skills.telikincares promo320162

While browsing your site, I noticed that you have available a keyboard with large keysMany of our individuals have visual impairments as well as physical and cognitive impairments. This keyboard would make it easier for them to work on learning or improving typing skills. Learning to email, chat and even video conference would thrill our individuals. Thank you very much for your time and consideration"

Congratulations, Woodside Center!!

Rancho Carlsbad community in California.

Laurel Stanford, who offers free computer classes and writes a monthly tech columns for seniors in the community, wrote:

 "I have worked for 32 years in the tech industry. I developed the original computer classes for seniors at my local community college. For the past two years, I have lived in Rancho Carlsbad, a 55+ community where I offer free classes on computer skills, as well as private tutoring and pc troubleshooting. I also write a monthly Tech Tips for Seniors column in our magazine and recommend software and hardware that I believe is appropriate for our residents. Sadly, out of our 504 homes, only about 30% have computers, and only about 20 people attend class. I have also recently created a new website for the community. We would like many more of our residents to be connected, but I find the biggest resistance is not so much fear of the technology, but that they cant read the screen or understand the jargon. I am passionate about using technology to benefit our residents and help them remain independent for as long as possible, and internet connectivity is top of my list. I saw your computers at CES last week and spent a long time at your booth, where you gave me an in-depth presentation. This was by the far the best product I saw at the show that would be most beneficial for our seniors. In fact, I have just finished writing this months Tech Tips and also taught a class yesterday, and promoted your company on both occasions. I would absolutely love to have a Telekin computer in our community. I would install it in our front office so that all of our residents can have access to it. This will have several benefitsI will also put on a presentation to as many residents as I can get to come, featuring the benefits of this computerThank you."

Congratulations, Laurel Stanford and the Rancho Carlsbad Community!!