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Telikin Tip #4: Researching Health Info Online

Author: Nancy Allegrezza

in essence, giving you a virtual library at your fingertips. As a Registered Nurse, I regularly encourage people to utilize the internet to access health and wellness information.  Whether you are interested in healthy recipes, nutritional supplements, healthy weight loss, or safe exercising, by simply doing a search, you can get the most current information! If you have questions on a health condition or medication, you can gather useful information that can help you better maintain your health, manage a disease condition, and learn more so that you can have an informed discussion with your health care provider.


Some sites provide online support groups for people with specific conditions and their caregivers. You can also find sites that provide information on various services that can be utilized for caring for someone in the home or information on assisted living alternatives.  Medicare information can be obtained on www.medicare.gov.medical-pills


There are thousands of sites that provide various types of information but it is important to gather information from reputable sites. Here are a few great health and wellness online resources:


1. WebMD - www.webmd.com - information on disease conditions, medicines, healthy living, recipes, and more

2. National Institute of Health - www.nih.nih.gov - information on clinical trials, databases, medications, disease conditions, and more

3. Medline Plus - www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus - information on disease conditions, healthy living, supplements,medications and more

4. Mayo Clinic - www.mayoclinic.com - information on disease conditions, medications, healthy living articles, medical tests and procedures, and more

5. Eating Well - www.eatingwell.com - information on eating and healthy recipes, diet and health information, and more


Information found online is not intended to diagnose or replace your healthcare provider but it serves as an adjunct to the information they provide. Over the years, I have encouraged people to discuss their questions and concerns with their physician, nurse practitioner, pharmacist or registered dietitian. Used appropriately, accessing information online can help you have a healthier life!


What are some other sites that you've used for researching health and wellness topics? Leave me a comment below!