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The Human Connection

Author: Lauren Allegrezza

through technology or through face to face interaction, caring human relationships are valuable and contribute to a good quality of life.

At Telikin, we seek to partner with organizations and businesses who share our commitment to helping people have a better quality of life.

Recently, we announced our partnership with FirstLight HomeCare. Were excited about our partnership because they share the same commitment to people that we do. Their people-first philosophy drives them to provide the best quality of care for their clients. FirstLight serves people at a time in their life when companionship and care are critical for maintaining a high quality of life. Keeping connected to both people and the world is especially important as people age or are recovering. Whether its a visit from a kind caregiver or being able to receive emails from far away friends, these connections can make the difference to someone dealing with increased social isolation, recovery from an illness, or caring for an ailing spouse.

FLHC-picture2Home is where we all feel at best. Helping seniors maintain their independence and stay in their homes longer is also a shared goal between us and FirstLight HomeCare. For a senior who may not be battling an illness but simply needs some help with meals and households chores, FirstLight provides the peace of mind to allow them to stay and enjoy their own home. A computer, which provides family members with the ability to check in with aging loved ones through videochat and email, can provide peace of mind and enjoyment. No matter what age we are in life, there isnt a time when we dont need the help or company of someone else.

People are the backbone of every organization - especially the ones who interact with clients and customers. FirstLight has a strong focus on caregiver training and retention to make sure they give exceptional quality of care to their clients. We also share this commitment to finding and training the best support team members, who are the ones that speak with our users every day. At the end of the day it comes down to people. No matter how far technology advances, the human connection can never be replaced. Whether its friends, family, clients, or customers, the people in our lives help keep us engaged and living a full life.

For more information about FirstLight HomeCare, visit their website at: www.FirstLightHomeCare.com

Mother and Baby Hands photo via publicdomainpictures.net