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Using Telikin in the Kitchen

Author: Nancy Allegrezza

Yes, the kitchen is the family 'hub" for many people, but cooking and eating were the two most popular activities happening in the Allegrezza kitchen.  But now Telikin plays a prominent role in my daily life.

Morning coffee is a major priority for me.  I pour myself a large mug of hazelnut coffee, and then I proceed to check my Telikin to get myself organized for the day.  The notices window tells me if I have new email, and I keep up with the latest correspondence.  It also tells me if I have new photos, my appointments for the day, and friend requests (yes, I love Facebook!)

I have bookmarked my local newspapers, and I read the headlines.  I also read news from the national sites from the Quick Links page. All the news that I care about is easy to access.  And my morning would not be complete without checking Facebook!  I love keeping up with my family and friends!Nancy-at-Telikin-1

Checking the local weather is a must in planning my wardrobe for the day.  I am a true weather bug and just love the Dopler radar screen!

Since it's in the kitchen, my Telikin comes in handy when cooking.  I look up recipes on a regular basis and have bookmarked my favorite sites.  The kitchen tools are quite helpful!  You can use up to 4 timers at one time.  This has come in handy during the holidays when  cooking multiple dishes!    The conversion tables are also a lifesaver. My mom did a great job teaching me all of the conversions, but I must admit, I now refer to those tables! 

Recently, Kathryn Raaker, host of The Chef, You and I, had me as a guest on her show in February.  We had a great time cooking, and she uses Telikin in her kitchen for the kitchen tools, and she saves her featured recipes on it.  Celebrity Chef and TV Host Rachael Ray, seeing how cool Telikin is, featured it on her show too.

But my favorite reason for having Telikin in my kitchen is to videochat with my mom and dad. Because the kitchen is a central hub, its convenient to know when they are calling. They live 1000 miles away from me, and we have our face to face visit several times a week.  Sometimes they call me when I am making dinner, and it is so convenient!  Every time I video chat, I think of the Jetson's cartoon- they were way ahead of their time!

I am now so used to having Telikin in my kitchen, I would be lost without it.  Time to check my Facebook! And Bon Appetit!