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August Telikin Cares Recipients

Author: Nancy Allegrezza
My Second Home in Mt. Kisco, NY

Donna Weissman, Grants coordinator wrote:

"My Second Home (MSH), a social model adult day program which has been operating in Mt. Kisco, NY since 1998 provides a safe, nurturing and home-like environment where seniors can continue to find meaning and dignity in their lives through stimulating activities, wellness programs, personal care, excellent nutrition and living room to living room transportation. It is a cost-effective alternative to nursing home care, allowing seniors, who are often coping with depression, early stage Alzheimers, or other forms of dementia, to remain in their homes and community while offering their caregivers much-needed respite. MSH shares its site with the Mt. Kisco Child Care Center, allowing us to offer a unique intergenerational program called JEWEL (Joining Elders With Early Learners), which brings seniors and children together on a daily basis to share activities as well as life experiences. It gives the senior participants an increased sense of well being and greater satisfaction with life, while children experience the sense of security and self-worth that a caring relationship with a senior can provide.mysecondhome 2

A Telikin Touch computer would be a tremendous asset not only for our seniors, who quite often do not have experience with computers or access to internet technology (and are even intimidated by it), but would also enhance our intergenerational component by providing an additional opportunity for the seniors (or grandmas and grandpas) to interact with the children utilizing equipment that is easy for both generations to understand. We believe that the touch screen technology will be particularly important in ensuring that the shared experience is pleasurable and memorabletelikincares promo320162

Once the seniors become familiar with and comfortable using the computer at MSH, we expect that their caregivers will be encouraged to provide similar technology in their homes to further enhance their quality of life, provide much needed stimulation and enable them to interact with family members who may live far away. We believe that the donation of a Telikin Touch to MSH will take our award-winning, nationally-recognized program to the next level of intergenerational innovation. Thank you for your consideration of this nomination."

Congratulations to My Second Home!! 

The Portland Senior Citizens, Inc in Portland, TN

Our second Telikin Cares recipient this month is The Portland Senior Citizens, Inc. in Portland, TN!

Jamie Rose, the director at The Portland Senior Citizens, wrote:

PortlandSeniors2"Hello my name is Jamie Rose and I am the Director of The Portland Senior Citizens. Our members range in age from 50 to 92 and we have tried to help them learn the computer. They do not want to mostly because our computer (which is the only one) is not that easy to use. I think we could get them a lot more interested in learning the computer if we had a touch screen like the one you are offering. It looks so easy to use and the members could see and use it more easily. Our members would be more inclined to use it to keep in touch with family if they could learn it more easily. I would love for you to consider us for this donation you would help our center get something that otherwise we could not afford. Thank you for considering us for the Telikin computer."

Well Jamie, we're so glad that we can help your members stay in touch with their families! Congratulations!

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