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Tech Support that Telikin Customers Love

Author: Sondra Cholach
We're sensitive to our customer demographic, and our customers respond positively to our respectful approach to customer service.

Because our customers are generally unfamiliar with technology - many are seniors who have gone their entire lives without having ever used a computer - they often express dismay over their lack of technical knowledge. We take a straight-forward approach toward learning, breaking down complex concepts into simple steps.

Some of the challenges we face with our customers are:

"language barrier" - understanding technology termsslower processing time - as people age, new infmoration is processed more slowlyhearing or vision loss"dummy syndrome" - lack of confidence in their own abilities

Telikin Computer Support Team MemberOur customers are not looking for quick answers and fixes. They want to really feel like they can use their new computer and enjoy doing so.

So, in order to truly help our customers learn and grow with the computer, we use a variety of methods that you might not find with your typical tech support call center, such as

simplifyingspeaking slowly (or more loudly!)encouraginginspiringbringing fun to learning

It can be intimidating to call technical support for help when you are unable to describe what you are experiencing. Because most of our customers have never used a computer before, they are not well versed in computers and dont speak the lingo.

Our agents know how to translate computer terms into every-day language so that customers can easily understand. We also like to use the correct terminology as much as possible and give clear explanations as we move along a tutorial to improve comprehension. Another helpful tactic is the use of metaphors from real life to explain computer concepts. Customers are able to understand concepts much easier when they can relate to what theyre learning.

Furthermore, our remote access tool allows us to show customers how to use the computer with hands-on tutorials. We help customers to enjoy little successes along the way and encourage questions and experimentation, so that each time a customer calls, they become more confident in their knowledge.

The Telikin was specifically designed for new and beginning computer users. We admire the courage and initiative of our customers to embark on a new learning adventure, and are prepared to assist them on that journey with the respect and consideration they deserve.