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Keeping Communities Connected with Telikin

Author: Nancy Allegrezza
as explained in this article from ALFA about a study from the University of California, San Francisco. Seniors benefit from social interaction with others, and opportunities to connect with family, friends, and society because it improves their quality of life in their later years. Communicating via a computer is a great way for people to stay in touch with their loved ones and the world.

Whether it's sharing family photos, experiencing face to face video chat calls, or enjoying email correspondence, computer technology brings the world into one's home. The internet also offers the ability to maintain greater independence by way of online shopping, researching medical information, managing electronic health records, and keeping up with current events.

Telikin Cares recipients at computerMany communities promote the use of computers for these reasons. Some offer computer classes and a few have begun offering computers in private resident living areas. Rehabilitation units also utilize computers as part of occupational therapy.

Computer familiarity and skills vary from person to person. We developed Telikin to be easy to use, easy to see, and easy to access via the touch screen. Telikin was designed specifically for those with little or no computer experience, but also for those frustrated by the unnecessary complexity of traditional computers. Telikin's easy accessibility is also welcomed by people with various physical and/or cognitive disabilities.

While many customers are enjoying Telikin in their homes, many others are also enjoying Telikin in settings such as Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Communities, and Rehabilitation Facilities. Our Community Package allows for multiple users to each have their own private, password protected accounts, and to experience the same one touch access to features in our protected, Linux based system that are available to individual home users. 

Our communities report that their residents enjoy sending emails, sharing digital photos, and having face to face video chat calls with grandchildren. Residents are truly excited by what they are able to do with the Telikin. The ability to keep connected to loved ones can help ease the transition of leaving one's home into a new environment. Furthermore, offering the chance to learn a new skill like computing can provide prospective residents with an exciting opportunity to look forward to once they make the move.

Community activities directors and staff members utilize many of Telikin's applications with residents, such as the News, Games, and Web to discuss current events, read the local newspaper online, play games, watch videos, or listen to music. They use Telikin in their activities to have virtual travel and reminisce about events in history or even at their own communities.

We strongly believe that people of all ages should be able to learn and benefit from computer technology. Feel free to contact us for more information on how Telikin is being used in community settings.