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September Telikin Cares - Harvard Senior Citizens Center

Author: Lauren Allegrezza

The local government, churches, schools, business, and organizations donated their time, money, and efforts to create this new community center. In September 2011, the center opened.

Holly Haupt, a volunteer at the Center, described how this new building has brought hope for a vibrant, active senior group who can count on the center for recreational, social, and educational program.

She also noticed how senior citizens of Harvard could benefit from a technology that was made for them. She wrote,

Telikin Cares Harvard Senior CenterMany of our seniors are frustrated and feel left out of the technology age. They want to have email and be able to go to all those websites they are told have information for them. Even if they could afford a computer, the nearest computer classes for our adults is located 23 miles away at the countys community college with a substantial tuition cost. This is an unfeasible situation, especially for our low-income seniors with limited transportation options.

Isolation is also a problem for seniors, especially in semi-rural areas like ours. Our senior center will help our seniors connect locally. Computer usage will help connect them interactively with the world. From more donations, our new senior center now has internet access, so we are ready.

After researching the Telikin computer, we feel your product would be the ideal device to teach our seniors the technology of computers and the internet. Not only would this computer be easier for the senior citizens to learn, it will be easy for our volunteer trainers to learn themselves.

Congratulations to the Harvard Senior Citizens Center, and thanks to Holly for nominating the center!

In the picture - members of the Harvard Senior Citizens Center pose with their new Telikin Computer!

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