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Shepherd Center of Lexington Telikin Computer Learning Center

Author: Lauren Allegrezza

to the Shepherds Center of Lexington for the creation of a new Telikin Computer Learning Center, to support an array of lifelong learning courses about computer applications and the internet. Instruction will be provided by volunteers.

Shepherd Center Ribbon CuttingThe Shepherds Center of Lexington, located in Lexington, SC, is a new affiliate of the Shepherds Centers of America. The center serves a population with more than 84,000 older Americans in the area with its signature program called Adventures in Learning, a series of lifelong learning courses held Thursday mornings at Lexington United Methodist Church. Plans include a service outreach program to provide transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping for home bound elderly.

Telikin is the easy to use touchscreen computer designed with seniors in mind that provides one touch access to video chat, email, photo sharing, web browsing, calendar, contacts, news, weather, and more.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shepherds Center of Lexington, Peter Balsamo, plans to use the Telikins to teach older adults how the computer can help them keep connected via video chat, email, photo sharing, and word processing, as well as how they can use the Internet for research on health issues, genealogy, and other subjects.

Telikin is committed to helping seniors learn how to use the computer so that they can stay in touch with friends, family, and the world, and the Shepherd Center of Lexington shares that commitment by offering lifelong learning courses on computer applications, said Fred Allegrezza, Founder and CEO of Telikin.

As of April 2012, according to the most recent Pew Internet study, 53% of Americans over the age of 65 use the internet or email. This demographic, though still the least likely to be on the internet, is growing very quickly. This data shows the older Americans want to be connected via new technologies, and the courses offered at the Shepherds Center of Lexington, will help them do so.

About Telikin

Telikin is designed and developed by Venture 3 Systems, located in Chalfont, PA. Telikin is the easy to use, touch screen computer that integrates popular features such as video chat, photo sharing, email, contacts, news, weather, documents, and a full Web browser in a sleek design. Built on a protected system, Telikin is a virus-resistant computer with a large screen, intuitive user interface, and easy menu of popular functions that helps people stay connected with family, friends, and the world. Find out more about the Telikin computer on their website or contact Nancy Allegrezza, Director of Marketing, 267-954-0102. You can also follow Telikin Computer on Twitter, and find updates on the Telikin Facebook Page.

About Shepherds Center of Lexington

The Shepherds Center of Lexington has the important mission of lifelong learning for active retirees and service outreach for home bound elderly who desire to age in place in Lexington, SC. The center opened in July 2012 and has submitted an application to the IRS to obtain 501(c)3 nonprofit designation. The center is an official affiliate of Shepherds Centers of America. The Centers signature program, Adventures in Learning (lifelong learning courses), are held in the Lexington United Methodist Church. Through the prospective service outreach program, they will focus on providing transportation for medical appointments, grocery shopping, and minor home repair principally for home bound elderly. For more information about The Shepherds Center of Lexington contact Peter Balsamo at chair@sclex.org or the website, www.sclex.org.

All Shepherds Centers have a commonly understood mission to empower older adults to use their wisdom and skills for the good of their communities.  Lifelong learning opportunities and social services are provided through partnerships with many faiths and the community at large.  Volunteers are the leaders in providing in-home and community based services for their neighbors.  The vision is that individuals will experience meaningful lives through all phases of their mature years. For more information, visit the Shepherds Center of Lexington website.