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January Telikin Cares

Author: Nancy Allegrezza

Frankling Square Village

Franklin Square Village is an affordable housing community for seniors in Glendora, NJ. The beautiful campus offers many programs and activities for their active residents.

FranklinSq1 Telikin lgTerri Tally, a social worker at Franklin Square, saw how most of the residents were too intimidated by the traditional computers in the community. "Time and time again I have tried every which way to encourage them to just 'give it a try'. They get this fear in their eyes and politely decline," she said in her nomination letter. She also said that through the fear she knew her residents wanted to learn: "How many times I have heard my residents say if only it was easier to use."

We are very excited for the residents at Franklin Square Village who will now have an easier to use computer that they aren't afraid of! Thank you Terri for nominating your community!

For more information about Franklin Square Village, you can visit their website at www.FranklinSquareVillage.com.


MAZii is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of Brooklyn citizens through education programs that use technology to enhance teaching and learning. Andrea Lawrence, who founded the organization in 2007, works to bridge the digital divide in people under-served by technology. One of the programs MAZii offers is an intergenerational digital literacy course for seniors. MAZii INTECHY's provide this course at several locations in the Brooklyn N.Y. area. In the program seniors learn about anything technology related. MAZii will use the Telikin computer for an intergenerational computing program at the Park Slope Senior Center in Brooklyn, with the objective of developing a Telikin computer lab.

Thank you to Andrea for nominating MAZii and congratulations to the Park Slope Senior Center!

For more information MAZii, you can visit their website at: www.mazii.org