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March Telikin Cares

Author: Lauren Allegrezza

Seniors on Center

Debbie Mack is the Assistant Director of Seniors on Center at Morrow County Services for Older Citizens, Inc. From her nomination letters, I could sense not only Debbies own enthusiasm but that of the seniors who would be benefiting from the Telikin. Debbie explained how whenever she walks into the lunchroom at the center, the seniors track her down and ask, Debbie, are we getting our computers yet?

Debbie recognized how her seniors would be able to use the Telikin to communicate with friends and family and look up medical information. And now, her seniors dont have to wait any longer for their Telikin computer!

For more information you can visit the Seniors on Center website.

Telikin-Cares-promo2Magnolia Heights

Magnolia Heights is a nonprofit HUD-subsidized community in Mansfield, Texas for individuals age 62 or older, and currently is home to 66 residents. Sarah Robertson, Facility Manager at Magnolia Heights, nominated her community to receive a Telikin. She explained to us how shes had trouble maintaining the computers in the community because they had gotten so bogged down with viruses and were totally unusable! How many times has that happened to you? Now that they have a Telikin, Sarah hopes to be able to create a program to teach the residents how to use the computer.

For more information, you can visit the Magnolia Heights Retirement Community website.