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May Telikin Cares

Author: Ken McCarter

Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley

Paul Zlotolow, Executive Director at Wesley Enhanced Living, nominated his community to receive a Telikin Elite because he sees how the residents, though coming from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, "all share the same desire to stay connected with family and friends." In his nomination letter, Paul wrote about how the residents' past experience with computers is very limited, and though there is a computer available for them to use, most just look at it like a large paperweight!

Wesley Enhanced TelikinPaul plans to use the Telikin to "awaken our residents to the many uses of computers" and the community is planning on training residents based on what he or she wants - for example, if a resident wants to see and hear their grandchild, they will teach them how to use Skype. Paul says, "Once we open their minds to the many uses and online content offering, we know they will be lining up to learn and do more!"

We know that they will be, too because we see it every day! Once a new user realizes how a computer can benefit them, they start using it all the time and for more and different things!

Congratulations to Wesley Enhanced Living and thank you to Paul for their nomination!

Cameron Hall Assisted Living

Raquel Bustos, Community Relations Coordinator at Cameron Hall, wrote in to nominate her community after seeing a colleague demonstrate the Telikin computer. She explained to us, "For years I have seen products that attempt to provide a quality experience for seniors that want to utilize technology and share photos and emails with family and friends. Having worked with seniors training them on conventional computers, I know the setbacks that accompany such a prospect. Problems with the mouse and confusion associated with too many icons and fields on the screen have made it impossible to progress with conventional systems for many aging adults. When my colleague, Dave, enthusiastically demonstrated your Telikin product to me, I was thrilled and overjoyed that your company was able to simplify the process for senior users."

telikincares promoRaquel clearly understood how the "simplicity of choices all on the left side of the screen plus the icons that never move" on the Telikin make the computing experience so much more enjoyable for seniors. We are always thrilled to share Telikin with people and communities who are as enthusiastic as Raquel about getting their residents on the computer and online. Congratulations Cameron Hall and thank you to Raquel!

In the picture, residents at Wesley Enhanced Living learn how to use their new Telikin.