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Learning Your Own Power

Author: Lauren Allegrezza

For seniors learning to use this computer, this quote couldn't be more true.

Every day Telikin support team members witness first hand the power within tech-novice seniors who master the computer when they send their first email, make their first video chat call, or check their bank accounts online for the first time. So often, we hear older adults lament that they dont know how to use computers. Its quite disheartening to hear someone call themselves stupid just because they dont know how to navigate the complicated icons and screens of traditional computers. Our customers are far from stupid many of them have had successful careers and had great accomplishments in their life! But if they never had to use a computer before, they never developed the skill set to use one.

Surprised-Female-at-TelikinWe often tell our users that learning the computer is like learning to drive a car: The first time you got in a car, you didnt know what to do, someone had to teach you. Its the same way with computers you sit down in front of the computer screen for the first time and youre not sure what to do, but with someone telling and showing you how to do things you realize its something that you too can do!

Since Telikin was designed for seniors (and other tech-novice users) to be much easier to use, and we provide friendly, US Based support for our users, many people are now realizing what they can accomplish with computers. But we know that there are so many seniors out there who just think they can't do it. Do you know one of them? Tell them about Telikin and let them know that they have the power - they just have to try it and learn for themselves!

First image courtesy of stockimages on FreeDigitalPhotos.net. Second image courtesy of Telikin customer, Peg Din.