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August and September Telikin Cares

Author: Lauren Allegrezza

Winter Haven Resort

Winter Haven Resort is a 55+ community located in Brownsville, TX. Judy Brown, who is a resident and serves on the Board at Winter Haven, has a long history in technology, formerly as a writer for PC Week and as a business tech columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She also has dedicated her time to teaching technology to seniors. Judy saw the value in Telikin and wanted to bring this easy to use computer to her fellow residents at Winter Haven. The community has started offering communications to residents solely via a website, and Judy knew that there were residents who didnt have access to a computer to see the website. Winter Haven also wants to start offering more beginner computer classes to residents and the Telikin will be a great computer for teaching tech-novice users.

Winter-Haven-Board-with-Telikin2 ed lgNow with the Telikin, Judy will be able to introduce more residents to the internet, and theyll be able to stay up to date on community news! Thank you Judy for nominating Winter Haven, and congratulations to all the residents there!

You can visit the Winter Haven Resort website for more information about the community.

In the photo at the right, members of the Winter Haven Resort Board review their new Telikin - Bob Moore (President), Mary Marsh (Secretary), and Marilyn Young (Treasurer)

North 25 Housing

North 25 Housing in Trenton, NJ is a development with over a hundred senior apartments. Edith Laramore, the Social Service Coordinator at North 25, nominated the development because she saw how much the residents needed a computer they could actually use. Many of the seniors would come to Edith asking for directions to a certain place or for information about local church services things that they themselves would be able to research if they had access to an easy to use computer!

Edith wrote in her nomination letter, I am hopeful our site will be one of the lucky developments that are chosen to receive computers for our seniors and families. What a difference this would make by enhancing their quality of life. Computers would allow our residents to be fingertips away from achieving goals plus receiving educational information that [would] allow them to feel the satisfaction of completing many tasks.

Thank you to Edith for nominating North 25 and congratulations to the residents there who will now have a computer to enjoy!

The Church of the Palms

The Church of the Palms in Phoenix, AZ has a congregation with a large senior membership. Deborah Martin is the church secretary, and she watches many of the members struggle with using traditional computers. Volunteers at the church have tried to teach computer skills to the congregation, but the senior members would have trouble with the keyboard and mouse or trackpad design of other computers. Deborah explained it to us this way, though they are still bright and vibrant souls the members' hands and eyes become the barrier to accessing computers. The touchscreen on the Telikin allows easier access to those who struggle with physical disabilities related to aging, so the members will be better able to navigate the screens.

telikincaresDeborah hopes to have classes on the Telikin for the congregation: I think the members would be delighted. I believe it would show them that they too can use the computer for many things they have been afraid to try.

Congratulations to the members of Church of the Palms, and thank you to Deborah for nominating them!

You can visit the Church of the Palms website for more information.

Luther Arms Apartments

Luther Arms Apartments in Trenton, NJ is a non-profit facility for low-income seniors. Rosa Cruz is the social service coordinator, and she nominated her community because she recognized how her residents are eager to learn about computers.

Rosa wrote to us, saying that the Telikin would be a wonderful tool to assist residents who have dementia, arthritis, limited eyesight, or lack of dexterity, and that it could also help strengthen seniors memories by letting them reminisce as they look up old favorite music or movies. She also hopes that with the Telikin, more of the residents will be able to stay in touch with their siblings, friends, and grandchildren.

And thats what Telikin really is all about keeping people in touch with their loved ones and keeping their minds active!

Congratulations to Luther Arms and thank you to Rosa for nominating them!